Phil Mickelson wants to play Tiger Woods head to head

Phil Mickelson wants to play Tiger Woods head to head

Phil Mickelson has been paired with Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler for rounds one and two of The Players Championship in 2018.

There has been a buzz in the golf world since the pairings were announced last week and that amount attention didn’t go unnoticed by the 47 year-old Mickelson.

During his press conference this week he discussed the amount of attention his pairing with Woods has received and the possibilities that could come about from that kind of fan curiosity.

Mickelson said, “As I look at the cover of the newspaper and the excitement thats been going on around here it gets me thinking; why don’t we just bypass all the ancillary stuff of a tournament and just go head to head and just have kind of a high stakes winner takes all match.”

Woods was asked about Mickelson’s comments and reminded those in attendance how many more wins he has (79) on tour compared to Mickelson (43).

Obviously the logistics of setting up a match of that magnitude would be challenging to undertake. However, putting this on TV on perhaps a Tuesday night could be a ratings boomer and an opportunity for plenty more revenue for the PGA as well as the lucky broadcasting company who could secure the rights to “Tiger vs. Phil.”

Somebody get Don King on the phone…….

Here is a look at Mickelson’s comments about playing with Tiger from his press conference.

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