Top 10 YouTube videos of the year on Golf Talk Canada

The Golf Talk Canada social media platforms have grown exponentially over the past two years with millions of followers all over the world stopping by to check out whats happening on GTC.

In 2019, GTC had over 4.3 million visitors to our YouTube channel and over one million views of our videos.

Here are the Top 10 most viewed videos on the Golf Talk Canada YouTube channel in 2019.

10. JB Holmes pace of play at Torrey Pines. – Another epic rant from Mark Zecchino on Holmes slow play which has become a hot topic over the past year in golf.

9. Patrick Reeds yells at cameraman for playing with change in his pocket. – This video had only a few hundred views until the past two weeks when Reed’s two-stroke bunker shot penalty had people searching YouTube for other Reed antics.

8. Phil Mickelson dancing commercial – Mizzen and Main. This video is over a year old but people seem to love watching Lefty dance.

7. Crazy fight on golf course over slow players ahead. – This is WorldStarHipHop meets golf.

6. 12 year-old Michelle Liu tee shot at CP Women’s Open LPGA. I filmed this just walking the course at Magna. This is one of those videos that people will seek out 20 years from now.

5. Jon Rahm ball marking issue. – This video is over two years old and received a boost of views over the past few weeks after the Patrick Reed controversy with people looking for similar infractions on the course.

4. Bryson DeChambeau called out for slow play by fellow pros. – This audio from the GTC radio show back in February continued to gain views over the summer after DeChambeau was called out several more times for slow play.

3. Jordan Spieth skips the ball across the water on the 16th hole at Augusta. – Another older video that continues to gain views every year during The Masters.

2. Kevin Na has an argument with caddy on the course. – This video had only a few hundred views until Tiger Woods was paired with Na this summer and mimicked Na’s walking a putt in move. Everybody was then searching YouTube to find out more about Na and this video jumped over 150,000 views since.

1. Tiger Woods mug shot T-shirt gets a laugh from Tiger at the Players Championship. – This fan had a silk screen of Tiger’s arrest photo put onto his T-shirt and wore it to the Players and he managed to get Tiger’s attention which drew a smile from him. Over 330,000 views this year and counting.

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