Tom Brady golf stories

The New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady turns 40 years-old today. Brady enters the 2017 NFL season as the reigning Super Bowl champion and solidified his status as the greatest QB of all-time. ran a feature article on Brady to celebrate his 40th by speaking to his closest friends and family members and had them share some stories about Brady that haven’t been made public before.

There are some excellent tales that speak to Brady’s competitiveness as well as his compassion for his friends and teammates. Brady’s father told a story about playing golf with Tom when he was just 4 years-old and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick shared a story about playing golf at Pebble Beach with Brady.

According to ESPN’s Mike Reiss, Belichick said:

“When we played golf at Pebble Beach two years ago, on the sixth hole, it’s a big cliff. He’s literally standing out there on the ledge, trying to hit the ball. The caddie is holding him so he won’t like tumble 300 feet to his death into the Pacific Ocean. It’s a golf ball. But I think that’s kind of the competitiveness of Tom. I’m sure there’s a picture of it. I’m thinking to myself, ‘What the hell are you doing?'”

If you’re a fan of Brady and the Patriots this only reinforces the belief that Brady is Superman in just about everything he does both on and off the field.

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