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Shot shaping at Augusta National

No other course on the planet can hide hole locations like Augusta.

Oh how I miss the days of working the golf ball.

The modern game is equipped with modern tools for an aim and shoot approach for the world’s best players.

However, here at Augusta it’s a step back in time as you can’t win The Masters without world class shot shaping.

Augusta National has many demands and examinations that will ask you to hit shots that don’t fit your eye or shots that require a player to leave their comfort zone.

From the tee, you’ll need to work it both ways with power fades off the first and last tee with gun slinger draws on the scoring par fives (two and thirteen). 

Over the years, some players have been obsessed with the need to turn it right to left  at Augusta. In 2011, Martin Kaymer was the number one player in the world coming off his first major championship (2010 PGA  Championship) but he tore down his swing searching for a draw to win The Masters and one year later he had tumbled to No. 32 in the world.

The need to work it doesn’t end with the tee shot. No other course on the planet can hide hole locations like Augusta.

Work it for the centre of the green to the flag on 12 and give yourself a look for birdie or take dead aim and you’ll find Rays Creek.

Draw it from a hanging lie at 13 and you’ll have an eagle effort but if you hang it to the right you’ll rinse your hopes.

Pick the wrong side of the fairway at 15 and you’ll need to find the nerve to hit the high hook.

Augusta is a throw back but even the greatest of classics courses has to yield to the modern game on occasion as Bubba Watson showed us en route to his second Masters win in 2014 by pounding it over the dogleg daily in the heart of Amen Corner.

Regardless of the advances in athletes and technology even the longest of bombers will be asked to make a nod to the past by working shots into the flag just to give themselves a look if they want to win The Masters.

Just like a bomber named Bubba showed us in 2010 with a high hook in a playoff to win his first Green Jacket.

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