Rory McIlroy changes caddy

It’s not you, it’s me. That phrase was made infamous by George Constanza on the TV show Seinfeld but it’s been echoing around the golf courses on the PGA Tour over the past few weeks.

First it was Phil Mickelson who announced a split with his long time caddy Jim “Bones” Mackay and now Rory McIlroy has announced a split with his caddy JP Fitzgerald.

The two have worked together for the past nine years with McIlroy winning four major championships and achieving the world No. 1 golf ranking.

It was just last week that McIlroy was publically praising his caddy for providing him with a mental and emotional boost during the Open Championship.

Rory has turned to his best friend Harry Diamond to be his caddy for the time being.

Mark Zecchino and Bob Weeks discussed Rory and his caddy situation on this weeks Golf Talk Canada.


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